Money Smart Logos



These can be used as stuffers in envelopes, or distributed to customers at local retail or non-profit venues. In addition, they can be used as bookmarks. Partners can add their own logo and event-specific information on the back.


Bookmark PDF

Bookmark PDF

Downloadable Educational Materials

Money Smart Flyer Campaign
Downloadable Education Material: Flyer Campaign – DOGS
Downloadable Education Material: Flyer Campaign – MONKEYS

Money Smart Infographics
Downloadable Education Material: Save Money at the Grocery Store
Downloadable Education Material: Avoid Common Money Rip-Offs
Downloadable Education Material: Avoid Retail Psychology Tricks

Money Smart Week Toolkit

The Money Smart Week Toolkit contains valuable information for organizations who participate in Money Smart Week by providing events focused on financial literacy in Nebraska.

Also available is a Banker Toolkit that provides ideas for bankers on how to participate in Money Smart Week. The School Toolkit gives schools and teachers ways to incorporate financial education into the classroom throughout Money Smart Week.

Resources are also available for faith-based organizations to hold financial education events during Money Smart Week. The presentation and handout were developed by Lincoln Berean Church and can be adapted as faith-based organizations see fit.

General Information Resources

This Powerpoint presentation can be used to share information on Money Smart Nebraska with other potential partners.

Publicity & Media Resources

These items can be used by Money Smart Week partners to help promote their activities during Money Smart Week. Partners can add their own logo to the documents, as well as add specific information about events.

Annual Reports